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[sticky post] SEMI-FRIENDS ONLY!

Farting Unicorn
Even though those who know me know I have no shame whatsoever, I thought I should do a post to let you all know that this journal is semi-friends only.  Many of my personal entries are double f-locked.

More than 50% of the entries are public, and as for the others:

Joan Crawford is the gatekeeper!  And she's TOUGH!

Fic List - House/Wilson

All fics on this list are House/Wilson.

Lots of House and Wilson Goodness!Collapse )

Fic List - Assorted House MD Fics

House Wilson Singing
Lots of fun stuff on this list: House's pissed-off right leg, dark!House, Chase/Foreman pre-slash, all kindsa fics. And a bunch of episode reviews from Season 8.

Post-ep, crack, epic storytelling, the worksCollapse )

Fic List -Supernatural

Dean Sam lean
Cracky fics about two hot guys who kill monsters, and their friend the clueless angel. Lots of other characters but I've already got enough tags.

Pie And Other Deep StuffCollapse )

Assorted Fandoms Fic

There's not a lot, but now and then challenges arise and I come up with something.

Dragnet 1967Collapse )


GISHWES Team Forming!

Beach Jared
The folks at spn_bunker are going to participate in GISHWES this August!  We need more volunteers.  You can do as much or as little as you want.  The details are in this post.  We haven't nailed down a name yet.  milly_gal, dizzojay, kalliel, you and many others are perfect candidates.  Maybe your mini Winchesters can be involved!  Please read the original post before you decide yay or nay.

I plan to make an idiot out of myself as much as possible.  But if you're introverted, there are other ways to play.

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen, run by Misha Collins, all proceeds go to Random  Check the GISHWES webpage!  It's from August 2 - 9.

More Random! Meme!

For the random meme, this is from my performing days (which I hope to resume again soon).  It's the basis of a publicity photo.

Random Me(s)!Collapse )

Random Post for Tebtosca

The lovely and talented tebtosca has asked folks to post something random in their LJs.  So, this is random.

This is Ringo Starr singing at the Beacon Theater earlier in June.

Ringo singing


Back From My Family Reunion...

Lady Hugh
And still too groggy from the meds I took for the plane ride yesterday to write anything coherent.  Just wanted to say I'm back, hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July...Jesus, I have to go lie down again.

Dear Mellaril: "May cause drowsiness"...Fuck.You.

spn_bigpretzel Outside POV Comment Fic Meme!

Dean Sam LARP
I participated in this last year, and wrote "Morning Has Broken," one of my favorite SPN fics.  It's really fun.  And being spn_bigpretzel, stories are meant to be fun!

Click to join the fun at spn_bigpretzel



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